Regular Rates:

  • $140 for the first hour, $90 each additional hour for additional hours. This rate applies for science nights, libraries, youth groups, summer camps, etc.
  • Half hour “birthday show” rate: $90.
  • No shows on Sundays.

School Rate:

  • Only $200 for up to five hours of presentations!
  • Duration can range from 20 minutes to an hour long, depending on how many classes you are trying to accommodate.
  • Shows must begin after 9 AM and conclude before 3 PM to get the school rate.

Science Nights, Conventions, etc.

  • You must provide an adult volunteer to stand outside the planetarium for crowd control/safety. If you are unable to provide the volunteer, I will provide an assistant for a $50 fee.
  • For these events I recommend 20 minute shows in order to rotate through as many people as possible. For especially large events, consider printing free “tickets” for each showtime so that families don’t have to wait in line for their turn. I can provide these tickets for $10.

Mileage Fees:

  • No mileage fee for locations within 30 miles of Central Tucson.
  • Mileage fee outside of Tucson is 75 cents per mile traveled. (Example: if your school is 50 miles from Tucson, the total miles traveled would be 100 miles, and the mileage fee would amount to $75.)

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