Regular Rates:

  • $180 for the first hour, $50 each additional hour. This rate applies for science nights, libraries, youth groups, summer camps, etc.
  • I can do school days from 9 AM to 2 PM for $200 total. (I can offer this cheaper rate since I don’t need to pay for child care during the day.) Any time outside that time frame is $50 per hour additional.
  • Duration of each show can range from 20 minutes to an hour long, depending on how many classes/groups you are trying to accommodate in the time frame you’ve booked. (For science nights, I recommend 20 minute shows in order to rotate through as many people as possible. For especially large events, consider printing free “tickets” or having a sign up sheet for each show, so that families don’t have to wait in line. I highly recommend having a parent volunteer outside the planetarium for these large events.)

Mileage Fees:

  • No mileage fee for locations within 30 miles of Central Tucson.
  • Mileage fee outside of Tucson is 75 cents per mile traveled. (Example: if your school is 50 miles from Tucson, the total miles traveled would be 100 miles, and the mileage fee would amount to $75.)

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